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Ok, so i’m not super knowledgeable about it and I’m not sure if what I’m going to say is dumb or already discussed…

When I have money in the bank (let’s say 20k), then this money is supposedly used by the bank to invest in the economy. If someone is starting a new business then they can have bank investment, or a loan, for example. Or if someone wants to buy a house they can get a loan. Which is possible because we have money in our bank accounts. That money isn’t “dormant”.

Can something like this be possible with Ethereum?

I imagine for example a platform where people who need fundings (either for a business project or as a loan for themselves) can apply, add any valuable documents and proofs, and then people on the blockchain, who have Ethereum, can vote to accept, or not, the application. We can have a “delegate voting system” to make thing easier. There’s a smart contract being created, legally binding, and the recipient receive the initial funding… then they have to regularly upload proofs to the blockchain to show that they are using the funding for what it was intended for… and start refunding it at some point!

I also see it as a way to get rid of venture capital investors and big shareholders… everyone on the blockchain is a shareholder of all businesses funded by the blockchain. (Does ICO does that tho? Not sure).

In short, when I have 20k at the bank that money is used by the bank to invest or loan, it is useful for the society. Can something similar (and better) be done with cryptos? If I have 20k in cryptos is that money dormant and useless for the society?

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