Understanding Loan To Value | The McKinley Minute by Caleb Preston

In this episode of McKinley Minute, Caleb shares the importance of knowing the loan to value (LTV) for sellers. source

Zero Interest Convertible Debentures. FM or FTFM for CS PROFESSIONAL Video Classes and Lectures

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Passive Investing Theory, Part 1: Investing v. Speculating

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Webcast Recording: Creating Killer Value Propositions for Your Products

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Basic Concepts Of Finance, Types Of Finance (Understand Finance in 5 minutes)

I am CA Himesh Thanawala, Practising Chartered Accountant. Know the Basics of Finance, Types of Finance, Sources of Finance and Careers in Finance. source

Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Crash Course Government and Politics #48

Today, Craig is going to dive into the controversy of monetary and fiscal policy. Monetary and fiscal policy are ways the government, and most...

Grossing Up Qualifying Mortgage Income

www.uwfieldguide.com for more videos and training. Agency guidelines allow non-taxable income to be "grossed up" 15-25% when it qualifies. This video goes ... source

What Are Stocks?

Stocks are the core holding of most investor's portfolios. In this video you'll learn: What exactly stocks are How an investor receives a return...

Shadow Banking (Hedge Funds, Money Market Funds, etc.) Explained in One Minute

A one minute video which explains why people shouldn't limit themselves to worrying about banks. So-called shadow banking institutions such as hedge funds ... source

Understanding Bonds – No-Frills Money Skills, Ep. 4

"Understanding Bonds" is the fourth video in the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis series, "No-Frills Money Skills." The video host employs high-tech tools...