The Consortium is currently working on a business case that includes a pre-feasibility and engineering study of a powertrain and the renewable hydrogen value chain

The project is also expected to support government entities by establishing safety protocols for hydrogen use at scale within the mining industry. 

“We are pleased to be part of this powerful collaboration that brings the vast expertise of its members to decarbonise the mining industry,” Michèle Azalbert, CEO of Engie’s Hydrogen Business Unit, said in the media brief. “Renewable hydrogen can provide the flexibility that the mining sector needs. Beyond the obvious advantage of being emissions-free, hydrogen solutions offer an economically viable alternative to fossil fuels, while ensuring the operational performance of mining operations.”

According to Azalbert, the Hydra Consortium has already received some indirect major support. One of its supporters is the Chilean Economic Development Agency (CORFO), which awarded EUR 280,000 in government funding to Mining3 in partnership with CSIRO Chile. 

Mitsui & Co. and Thiess, both active in the mining sector, have provided additional support as part of their commitment to developing sustainable solutions for decarbonizing the resources industry, while Ballard Power Systems will provide its fuel cell systems, Hexagon Purus will supply hydrogen storage systems and Reborn Electric Motors will complete the systems integration.

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