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Nutrien’s Aurora facility is the largest mining site to implement this non-line of sight remote control system for Caterpillar D8 bulldozers.

“Upholding our core value of safety is a top priority, and the Cat Command for dozing system helps to further enhance our safety processes. We’ve also experienced other benefits, such as a better environment for operators and improved productivity and reliability,” said Mike Dirham, VP of Nutrien’s Phosphate Operations. “We’re excited to continue using technology at our sites to improve our ability to reduce risks and reliably produce the phosphate products our customers need.”

In addition to keeping operators safe by getting them out of the dozers’ cabs, the system includes sophisticated software that monitors the grade of the terrain ahead and identifies avoidance zones.

Further, the system offers improved visibility with cameras that provide a 180° front, back and bird’s-eye view of the ground level conditions, along with lighting that reveals a greater field of vision for improved day and night operation.

Users can choose either the Cat Command or station. Both offer full control without exposure to dust, noise, vibration or other hazards – a big factor in increasing productivity.

(This article first appeared in the Canadian Mining Journal)

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